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We’ve long felt that TCNJ has a special warmth that permeates the college. Is it just our imagination? No, the helpful vibe is real, a survey commissioned by TCNJ showed, confirming this sensibility is far more tangible here than at our peer colleges. That means it’s lived daily from students on up. We’re here to cheer each other on.

When it comes to academics, this culture of caring sparks remarkable results

Working side-by-side with professors who mentor you leads to a stronger sense of your own identity, often gained through publishing and presenting work at professional conferences. What’s more, a mentor who’s happy to give you a reference can boost your chances on the job market and with graduate schools.

Your friends here boost your shot at developing a nimble intellectual life with purpose

With sharp, affable people like you who feel drawn to TCNJ, how could they not? You’ll meet people through housing tied to academic commonalities, such as your First Seminar Program (FSP). Choose your FSP and you’ll live with others taking that course. The same goes for Honors program and community-engaged learning students.

Collaboration in the news

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