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Wait, there’s more. The college makes available to you a wide range of services, tools, and environments that act as thrusters to push your academic work further than you imagined. Take advantage of them early and often.

library interior Hi Interest A chat line with a librarian, more than a half-million books, and nearly 300,000 electronic resources are just a sampling of the offerings at the service-centric R. Barbara Gitenstein Library, the hub for people who want to know more. Subject librarians — find them — can slice the time you spend on research. Search Tools R. Barbara Gitenstein Library Find a Subject Librarian

Everyone loves a pretty space

But we also pay attention to the effect our environment has on cognition. You’ll find that we’ve crafted 21st-century environments that spark learning and interdisciplinary mingling — from high-tech and glass-walled classrooms to well-placed casual seating for impromptu idea-smashing. All give rise to the innovative thinkers that graduate schools and employers are seeking. We also like taking things outdoors, with a spiral-shaped outdoor classroom/event space that draws people to what had been a never-before-Instagrammed lawn.

STEM complex —Winston Churchill “We shape our buildings: Thereafter they shape us.”

Keep going. Find your bliss

Show off your work to a crowd each spring. Publish research in TCNJ’s own digital journal. Track your progress toward graduation.

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