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TCNJ is parkour for your brain. Think of it this way: We match committed intellects like yours with faculty who excel at helping you absorb critical knowledge. The result? An exceptional education born of a powerful and rewarding symbiotic relationship. In fact, the college is No. 1 for teaching among public, primarily undergraduate institutions in the Northeast, according to U.S. News & World Report.

TCNJ students connect with faculty Hi Achievers Do you feel at home with intellectual and creative challenge? Believe that deepening your grasp of the world is exciting? Add in restless curiosity, and you’ve discovered what drives this college: We’re a community of high achievers. At TCNJ, you don’t just earn a degree. You also add to the world’s collected knowledge and experience. Faculty-Student Collaboration R. Barbara Gitenstein Library

Great things happen here every day

What will you do with your four years? TCNJ people are great sounding boards for your ideas, and the college has proven strategies — in and out of class — to turn them into the life you want. It can take just one internship to know that finance doesn’t suit you. Or just one faculty-led trip to the Galápagos to convince you that marine biology is where you’re destined to be. Here’s a sampling of what’s available:

TCNJ student internship Internships Internships Tom Cilla dismissed the U.S. Supreme Court’s cautionary language about the slim chances of interning there. Good thing: He got in and saw SCOTUS history unfold before him. Nearly three-quarters of our students complete at least one internship. MUSE MUSE Summer program MUSE If two semesters of focused research and creative expression each year can’t keep you content, add TCNJ’s Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience. Student-faculty teams concentrate on projects ranging from strengthening nanofiber membranes to creating handmade paper to cataloging ancient Islamic coins whose movement illuminates trade history. TCNJ student abroad experience studay abroad Study abroad Studying outside the U.S. will change the way you perceive everything. TCNJ’s Center for Global Engagement offerings are vast, ranging from short, faculty-led trips, including the Galápagos and South Africa, to longer stays at TCNJ Study Centers, including Spain and Prague. Other great options: interning, doing research or service, or student teaching.

Beyond the

Slide study abroad icon CEL icon research icon leadership icon Study abroad Community-engaged Learning Research and creative collaboration Leadership Internships career center icon They turned into employment for 41% of recent graduates. Nearly 70% of interns received pay. Frankly, it might be easier to start with the countries where TCNJ students haven’t studied. We offer education combined with community service, often supporting the city of Trenton. Be more like a graduate student than an undergraduate: Work closely with faculty members. TCNJ believes in and devotes resources to developing lifelong leaders. conferences icon Conferences and competitions After long hours researching, you might jet somewhere to present the results.

TCNJ students connect Hi Class What you’re reading isn’t window-dressing made with a handful of standout students we rounded up with a search party. Grounded in the liberal arts, TCNJ’s robust, multi-tiered educational experience gives students the stage on which to achieve the exceptional, which they do on the regular. Does it become humdrum? Yeah, no. Community-Engaged Learning Liberal Learning First Seminar Program

Danielle, Michael & Surbhi

We collapsed their TCNJ years so you can see what they experienced — and get a sense of what you might do with yours.

Slide Danielle Parks Danielle Parks Philosophy 1 Bonner Scholar (300 hrs/year of community service) Member, Presidential Climate Commitment Committee 2 Research assistant, Encyclopedia of Philosophy article 3 Vice president, Black Student Union 4 5 Leadership inductee, Blue and Gold Hall of Fame After graduation: Peace Corps in Cameroon, then law school

Slide Michael Luo Michael Luo Mathematics & Pre-med 1 Summer research intern, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis Research assistant, Modeling Cancer Treatment Response and Resistance in Individual Mice 2 Winner, Carl N. Shuster Award for mathematics achievement and rigor in class 3 Volunteer, Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center 4 5 Community service chair, Alpha Zeta 7-Year Medical Society After graduation: Medical school

Slide Surbhi Chawla Surbhi Chawla Marketing & Design 1 Intern, Sustainability Institute Design intern, Anti-Violence Initiative 2 Design intern, NARAL Pro-Choice America, D.C. 3 Study-abroad student, Heidelberg, Germany 4 5 Member, thesis group reviewing TCNJ’s fulfillment of
UN Sustainability Goals
After graduation: Master’s degree in integrated marketing communications at Northwestern

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