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TCNJ is parkour for your brain. Think of it this way: We match committed intellects like yours with faculty who excel at helping you absorb critical knowledge. The result? An exceptional education born of a powerful and rewarding symbiotic relationship. In fact, the college is No. 1 for teaching among public, primarily undergraduate institutions in the Northeast, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Great things happen here every day

What will you do with your four years? TCNJ people are great sounding boards for your ideas, and the college has proven strategies — in and out of class — to turn them into the life you want. It can take just one internship to know that finance doesn’t suit you. Or just one faculty-led trip to the Galápagos to convince you that marine biology is where you’re destined to be. Here’s a sampling of what’s available:

Beyond the

Danielle, Michael & Surbhi

We collapsed their TCNJ years so you can see what they experienced — and get a sense of what you might do with yours.

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